Flip Book Animation Part 1

The following animation is that of dog being shocked to see his bone move on its own. The animation style was based on the animation style of Otto Mesmer who animated Feline Follies (1919), Felix in the Swim (1922), Doubles for Darwin (1923), Felix the Cat in Hollywood (1923), and Felix the Cat Finds Out (1924). I chose this style because it seemed to be the most cartoonish and simple which is my forté. I got the idea for the exclamation point from the question marks and exclamation points that appear in Felix in Hollywood. I got the idea of the walking bone from the walking Hot Dogs in Felix Finds Out. My idea to do a dog just came from my own dog Sandy. The idea to include a dog house came from the dog house Felix lead the hot dogs into in Felix Finds Out.

Areas that had the smoothest animation was in frames 41 to 55 where the bone is jumping of the bowl, this was achieved buy carefully drawing the to the left and higher going up and lower going down and bending the legs as the bone began it’s leap and made it’s landing. Areas that weren’t so smooth were frames 58 to 73 as the dogs eye rub seemed to go buy too quickly, I would fix this by including a few frames between the up and down movement in the paws. The most difficult thing to animate was the dogs body as he was getting up to rub his eyes, I had to be very careful and bet the angles write and make sure the paws and head were properly placed and proportioned. To make the dog look shock and had him get up slightly, widened his eyes, raise his ears, and have an exclamation point appear above his head, this was then followed by the dog rubbing his eyes as if he were seeing things. Something I could do to make him even more shocked is to make him stare at the audience after seeing the bone lie on the ground.

Making this animation wasn’t easy, I didn’t have access to a light table 100% of the time so it was difficult at times to draw the other frames. Another hard thing about making this animation was drawing the background, I could have left no background but I decided to do it anyway. The issue was that objects in the background ending up changing in proportion like the roof of the dog house or the shape of the fence. I also had trouble lining up the frames perfectly while drawing so things started to shift now and then, mostly to the left if you look carefully.


About degrafgo

I am a fun, green loving guy who owns 3 YouTube channels under the name DeGraphics.
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