Lego Creativity

Legos, 32 inches x 7.5 inches, 2015
Drawing-Digital Name Interpritation
Photoshop, 17 inches (5100 pixels) x 11 inches (3300 pixels), 2015
Artist Statement-
I have always been a fan of Legos, I always build the kits to the exact T, a shame they were destroyed when we had to put them away. I also have a series of YouTube channels called DeGraphics and I’m always looking for new ways to show my creative vision through it. So one way I thought was to build the DeGraphics name out of Legos, and that is how I came up with this design. The use of different Lego pieces in various size and color gives the name variety and dominance. The lack of control of the size and shape of the letters demonstrates the chaos of this new technological era, one I am well adapted to. The link between the photo and the digital drawing is the use of multiple colors with each brick, demonstrating the many ways colors can be used. The use of multiple layers of Legos gives the design depth showing how bold the design is.


About degrafgo

I am a fun, green loving guy who owns 3 YouTube channels under the name DeGraphics.
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