Annual Cycle

The seasons of the year go through a continuous cycle that we all experience; winter goes into spring which turns to summer which the becomes autumn and then back to winter again. While there are several symbols that represent these seasons; like snowflakes, flowers, the sun, and leaves, there are also other things we can identify them with like colors and actions. Using these colors, actions and no symbols, one can identify the season that’s being interpreted.

Many colors are used to interpret the seasons and anything directly related to it. The cold setting on fans and any water dispersing devices like sinks and water coolers is blue, they can also be light blue, or white, so the same colors can be used to interpret winter. Autumn can be interpreted with the color of the autumn leaves, red, yellow, and orange. Springs colors are mostly bright colors like pink, light blue, purple, and bright green. Summers colors are more darker than springs but are generally the same. These colors all help identify the seasons and any thing related to them.

Actions can also define the seasons, whether it’s with our own bodies or in nature. When it’s cold, like in winter, we humans tend to shiver from the cold. In spring, the snow melts away, and flowers begin to grow and spout out. In the summer, we tend to se the heat waves radiating from the hot ground and warps what we see. In Autumn the leaves fall to the ground (pun not intended). Many other actions can be related to the seasons to identify them.

With the use of color and actions I can demonstrate the seasons without the use of symbols. The white of snow can mean winter and red, orange and yellow can mean fall. Shivering can mean the cold of winter and sprouting out can mean spring. This way of describing the seasons if very abstract.


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