Linear Day


The objective of this project was to create an accordion book of a day we had. I chose the day I went to see Hamilton the Musical on Broadway, a day I am never forgetting. The cover is the logo of the very play I went to see with some strobe lights. I chose this day because it’s quite a memorable day for me, even though it happened this year.
My family and I went to New York City during the Summer and after we checked into our hotel, we changed and got ready to see the show. At first, I thought this was going to be a boring show and I would rather be doing some work on my computer. But once that opening son started I was blown away and the following songs made me like it even more. I now see that I would have been making a huge mistake for not seeing the show because it was the greatest play I have ever seen. A lot of the lyrics got stuck with me after words like, “I am throwing away my shot,” and, “I wanna be in the room where it happens.” Such an amazing day just had to be expressed (BTW it’s still on Broadway, so I would totally recommend seeing it).
My strongest points in this work would have to be at the beginning with the car and the city in the background. I took careful consideration into making it look good. My weakest point would have to be at the last part where I am watching the show with my mom. My mom’s expression is not the best and the cast members on the stage weren’t to great and there were definitely more of them when I saw the show, I could also have done a bit more detail on their faces. There are some borders in the drawing but it blends in with everything else so it’s alright.

The day I saw Hamilton was one of the greatest moments of my life and it made me an Alexander Hamilton expert. I knew this was way better than just drawing about some random day I had. I can certainly say that this day would be memorable to anyone who saw Hamilton and is definitely worth mentioning to anybody.


About degrafgo

I am a fun, green loving guy who owns 3 YouTube channels under the name DeGraphics.
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