Insectivore Dinner

This stop motion is about a frog and fox going out on a dinner date. When they approach the restaurant, the chef quits and the frog decides to take his place. Jiri Trnka and how he was able to show many expressions with just one face inspired the animation technique.

The animation does a very good job of demonstrating what’s going on without any dialog. Examples of this is when the fox looked very sad starting on frame 162 and the anger the panda, who was also the former chef, expressed starting at frame 51. The inspiration for these expressions comes from all of Jiri Trnka’s stop motion works, most notably “Ruka,” or “The Hand.” The

The use of anthropomorphic animals gives this work some differentiation from Trnka’s works, although some of it was inspired from a scene in “A Midsummers Night’s Dream.” The animals chosen for this animation was also not inspired by Trnka, but from the new Pokémon games; the fox is based of the fire starter Fennekin and its evolutionary line of Braixen and Delphox due to its feminine design and is depicted through its red dress, the frog is based on the water starter Froakie and its evolutionary line of Frogadier and Greninja which is depicted from its blue jacket, the panda is based on Pangoro with its mad expression and its not visible eyes, and the mouse is based on Dedenne that is represented with its yellow vest. You might not have guessed that at first glance.

This stop motion strongest points of animation would be at frames 202 to 275 where the frog comes up to the mouse to request the job and he ponders about it. The animation is smooth and it was very clear what was happening. The weakest motion would have to be when the from is stirring the spaghetti in frames 591 to 638 because it looks like he is stirring to fast. There or other moments where the animation isn’t really great and can definitely be fixed.


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