Me Before and After as an Artist

When I first came to this class I was an artist who loved to work on his own ideas and tended to rush on projects that were assigned to me. I also rushed a bit on my personal projects sometimes, but I still like doing it. The problem was I kept thinking with my schoolwork that I had to get it done; where as with my personal projects I told myself I have all the time in the world. My main goal was to become a excellent animator. Now I have become more careful and I pay more attention to detail in my work. It hasn’t improved too much but it’s getting better. What helped me was the fact that my overall grade was on the line and in the back of my head I was telling myself this applies to my personal work as well. In the future I see myself working as an animator on YouTube and at an animation studio like Pixar or DreamWorks and making many animated films, shorts, and/or television/web series and I know that what I have done in this class will help make it look better than before.

Mask-Composition          Mask-Drawing


About degrafgo

I am a fun, green loving guy who owns 3 YouTube channels under the name DeGraphics.
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