Canon Project

This is the canon of a character creating project.

The city of Darton in the year 2053, a town filled with different races from across the galaxy. It has stores, restaurants, homes, businesses and anything else a city would have, including crime. There is a large crime circuit known as “The Red Stars,” lead by an anonymous man called Big Comet and it is up to the Darton Police Force to bring them down.

These races tat inhabit this city other than humans are the Cardians, Sapidens, and Maltonians. Cardians closely resemble harpies with bird like faces. They come from the planet Icalus which is mostly forest; they build their homes in the trees obviously. they started out acting like birds by swooping in and catching their prey and bring them to their nests to feed, their society evolved but some traits still remain to this day. Sapidens from the planet Sapid are octopus-like creatures that have strong enough tentacles to make them stand as tall as humans. Their planet Sapid is mostly water like Neptune but has a sea floor where they construct their shelters. Small islands do exist which is where most of the Sapidens learned to walk. They advanced as well but how the get electricity is something they refuse to share. The Maltonians are reptile-like people from the planet Heatha, a planet covered in nothing but desert except for its several linking underground oasis’s in which they build their homes. They have all the same physical traits reptiles of earth have such as cold blood and the ability to regrow limbs.

Peace between us and these and these three species was possible when leaders of each race signed the Intergalactic Race Treaty in 2042 after Galaxy War I which lasted three Earth years. The Galactic Union was formed to enforce this peace across the galaxy, regulating laws and immigration from planet to planet.


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I am a fun, green loving guy who owns 3 YouTube channels under the name DeGraphics.
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