Creation Story Comic

Golden-Chain-Comic-Page-1-BW Golden-Chain-Comic-Page-2-BW

Black and White Pages

Golden-Chain-Comic-Page-1 Golden-Chain-Comic-Page-2

Colored Pages

This comic tells the beginning of the Yoruba tale of the Golden Chain. Yoruba’s are a race of Africans that reside in many areas of Africa. The story tells of an orisha, a being with magical powers, named Obatala and how he wishes to create land on they watery world below the orishas domain in the sky. After getting permission from Olorun, the supreme being, he goes to Orunmila, who can see the future, and asks him what he should do to prepare. He responds by telling him to forge a golden chain to descend onto his new land, gather sand, palm nuts, and maize to create the land, and obtain the sacred egg that contains the personalities of all the orishas.

The clothing the orishas wear are similar to those that the Yoruba people wear. Olorun appears massive and has golden clothing because he is considered the supreme being. I drew Orunmila as an old man to demonstrate how wise he is since he can see the future. I had drew Obatala as a younger man to demonstrate how curious he is and how he wanted to figure out what he wanted to do. We have all felt that way at least once in our life.


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I am a fun, green loving guy who owns 3 YouTube channels under the name DeGraphics.
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