Waveform Beat

Using the Minim Library in Processing, I was able to make this waveform animation with Jazz in Paris by Media Right Productions from the YouTube Audio Library.

This is the code I used:

import ddf.minim.analysis.*;
import ddf.minim.*;

Minim minim;
AudioPlayer player;
AudioInput input;
AudioPlayer song;
BeatDetect beat;

float eRadius;

void setup()
size(512, 400);
minim = new Minim(this);
song = minim.loadFile(“Jazz_In_Paris.mp3”, 512);
beat = new BeatDetect();

void draw()
float a = map(eRadius,40,115,30,255);
if(beat.isOnset()) eRadius=250;
rect (20,height/2,eRadius,50);
rect (width-20,height/2,eRadius,50);
eRadius *= 0.91;
if(eRadius < 20) eRadius=20;
for(int i = 0; i < song.bufferSize() – 1; i++)
line(i, 50 + song.left.get(i)*50, i+1, 50 + song.left.get(i+1)*50);
line(i, 350 + song.right.get(i)*50, i+1, 350 + song.right.get(i+1)*50);


About degrafgo

I am a fun, green loving guy who owns 3 YouTube channels under the name DeGraphics.
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