Repurpose Project Original Clip

I have been given a project to repurpose a two to three minute clip into something different. The clip I’m doing is the one above from the 1942 film Casablanca. I will be dubbing all the lines in my own voice and I will also add a few sound effects ¬†and a different score from the YouTube Audio Library.

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Personal Introduction

This is my first project for my Production 1 class.

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Interaction Response 1

I was asked to play two games, one that I could play forever, and one that frustrates me. I picked Minecraft and Ice Age 2: The Meltdown for the Gamecube.

I don’t think there is anyone who hasn’t at least heard of Minecraft. It’s an open world sandbox game created by Mojang where you control your character using WASD to move around, move your mouse to control what your character is looking at, left click to attack or just punch tree, right click to interact with objects such as chests and crafting tables, as well as place down blocks, press E to open your inventory, press Space to Jump, hold down the left Shift to Crouch, use the scroll wheel or number keys to change what your holding, and press F to put something in your off-hand. There are other functions such as pressing F5 to switch between first person and third person from the front or back and pressing down the mouse wheel to pick a block. All of the controls are extremely quick in response. The objective of the game is to survive and build things. With everything in the game being cubes the list of things you can create is limitless. Through certain actions you get advancements (formerly known as achievements) from making your first crafting table to obtaining diamonds. There are even obscure ones like “When Pigs Fly” where you have to ride a pig off a cliff at a very high distance, this was very hard until the carrot on a stick came along. You also get experience points from killing mobs, breeding, smelting, and mining certain ores; you can use these experience points to enchant any armor, tools, or weapons you may have and make them better. This is a game with literally no ending so you could play it forever or until you get bored of the world.

This Gamecube game that is loosely based on the movie of the same name, was one of my favorite games as a kid and remember a lot of things about it by heart. You play as Scrat, the lovable Saber Tooth Squirrel as he tries to get a golden acorn, collecting other nuts along the way. There are also several mini games you have to play in order to progress like trying to avoid being caught by Diego and Penguin Bowling. You use the main control stick to move Scrat around and you use the yellow C control stick to adjust the camera angle. The Y button allows you to talk to other characters from the movie like Manny and Diego, as well as read signs, climb rough walls, dig up buried items, and squeeze through cracks. You use the A button to jump and twice to double jump. You press the B button to attack and the X button to through rocks, the R button allows you to go into first person for better aim. You press the Z button to sniff out hidden items in bushes. The L button to do a special attack. All these responses happened as soon as the button was pressed. Collecting nuts allowed you to unlock special features that were contained in the game, like behind the scenes interviews with the movie cast.

I had a lot of fun playing this game as a kid but there were a few moments that got me really frustrated. The first part of this game that frustrated me was the Sid Water Slide mini-game, where you play as Sid the Sloth as he goes down a huge ice slide; the goal is to try to rack up at least 7000 points by the time you reach the bottom. This was probably due to a lack of skill on my part but it was very hard. You gain points by going through goal posts, collecting nuts, and doing a good job on the jumps where you have to move the control stick in a certain order. You loose points by not doing well on those jumps and hitting ice rocks and fallen icicles. I usually hit a lot of stuff when I played this level but it was very rewarding when I finally got past the bare minimum points. The second thing that frustrated me was the third level in the Sloth Village Stage where you have to light Scat’s tail on fire and make your way to the top of a mountain to light the giant Sloth statue. My frustration with this was the level design itself; once you lit your tail of fire, you had a certain amount of time before it goes out, the problem is that there is no indicator of how long it is until then, and if you don’t get to the statue before your tail goes out, you have to go all the way back down to the bottom of the mountain, light your tail on fire again, and start all over. There is literally no time to waste in this level. Those were what frustrated me the most with the game, they weren’t impossible, just very difficult.

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Japanese Traditional Media

I will be making a Bunraku puppet based on the Noh Shite.

A Bunraku is a form of Japanese Puppets that were created in the 17th century, they’re usually controlled by three people; one for the body and one hand, one for the head and other hand, and one for the feet. originally, the puppets were made of wood and string and were covered by various clothes.

Noh is an ancient Japanese performing arts that originated in Japan around the 14th Century. The lead actor, or Shite, would often wear a mask that resembled what ever they were portraying such as demons, spirits, and deities. These masks were carved from Japanese cypress.

I chose to combine these two because they both involve the performing arts, something I admire in any form. I do not know of any specific examples to base them off of, but I will be drawing inspiration from the puppet and hannya mask below

Information sources:

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Hack Drone Concept

For this game, you work for an government agency that is trying to hack into an enemy computer and obtain all information on their organization; however, the floors of the building where the computer is located is very sensitive to touch and killer drones patrol the halls. You must send in an un-manned hacking drone to infiltrate the building, find the main computer and hack it. You will have to hack many different panels to reach the main computer room.

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Self Critique

I have made a lot of improvement in my 3D animation skills this semester. I have gotten better with creating fluid motions, though it still needs work. I have also learned a bit about modeling and texturing and have used these skills wisely. I have also taken part in sound production for my final project but that isn’t really my strong suit. I will continue to improve my modeling, texturing, and animation skills for future projects. I might work on my musical skills but that isn’t really my focus. I never posted my animation of my Rooster TV Model but I did animate the emotions project.

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Van Vavrek’s Video Calibration

On April 14, 2017 at 3pm, I visited Van Vavrek’s Video Calibration Exhibition at the Bret Llewellyn Gallery here at the Student Engineering and Technology Building at Alfred State College. It was quite interesting with the distorted video’s projected in the room. Since I didn’t show up at the gallery’s opening so I am missing some information, but I do have an idea of what Vavrek was communicating.

The gallery had a projector which showed many distorted video clips with music that sounded equally distorted. The clips seemed to short but they did shift, though an untrained eye might not notice it sometimes. Most of the clips, if not all, seemed to have been recorded with and old cassette camera. From what I could tell, the clips mostly featured humans.

From what I could gather, the exhibition was meant to represent how we each perceive reality, and to combine each perspective would allow it to appear distorted. Another way to interpret it would be that everyone has a distorted view on life. Both of these were because of the distorted video and the soundtrack that sounded just as distorted. Either way, the gallery made me feel as though it interprets it reality.

If I were to apply the gallery to my work in DMA, I would possibly use it in an effective story telling animation. I am uncertain how I would apply it to my Interactive Design, except to apply whatever animation I make mentioned earlier, would be added to the website I am to create in that class. The opportunity to use this might not come in my remaining college years, but maybe in my future career, whatever it may be.

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