Alfred Almond Redesign Draft

I have created a Draft for a redesign of the Alfred Almond Central School web page and its Elementary School Page.

Both Pages are not very pleasing to look at, with no clear guide and all the navigation is on the sidebar to the left. The news is also scattered throughout the page. In my revised site, I have created an easier to view page better navigation at the top of the page, with contact information at the bottom of the page. In the final version, I will have drop-down menus on the top bar with easier access.

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Sand’s Emotions

Here is my accentuating action video featuring my dog sandy and some of the actions she displays. She shows some constant affection when someone arrives at our house or comes home and can get bored when no one is giving her attention. I display this y having tiny speech bubbles appear over her head that follows her. When she is excited and someone gives her love, a speech bubble with a heart appears. When she is bored, she has a bored emoji appear.

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Demo Reel 2018

This is my Demo Reel featuring works from Fall 2017 to Spring 2018. These include some Motion Graphics Exercises, Optimus Prime vs. Megatron Stop Motion, Homework-Bot 4000 Commercial, We Wear the Mask, and many, many others.

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Homework-Bot 400 Commercial

This is a fake commercial for a robot that can do your homework called the Homework-bot 4000. You just put the paper into the robot and it will automatically do your homework for you.

The commercial uses the rule of thirds and various close-up shots. There is also a shot with two “customers” giving praise to the project. With most of the scenes, I was able to create a 3-point lighting system using sunlight from a nearby window and 2 studio lights that I own.

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Art Drive Through

Art Drive Through

This website is one of many ways a website can be artistic. The site features the interior of a car as an artistic scene go by as you scroll down the page. This is meant to convey that you can see many things when looking out the window of a car that can come in all shapes and sizes. The reason for the different shapes and colors is also meant to represent the different colors and shapes you can see.

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Ninja Action

Here is my living composition project. I used a drawing of a ninja I made with my physical hands and I used colored pencils to make it.

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Java Script Exercises

Here are some exercises I did in Javascript. Here.

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