Self Critique

I have made a lot of improvement in my 3D animation skills this semester. I have gotten better with creating fluid motions, though it still needs work. I have also learned a bit about modeling and texturing and have used these skills wisely. I have also taken part in sound production for my final project but that isn’t really my strong suit. I will continue to improve my modeling, texturing, and animation skills for future projects. I might work on my musical skills but that isn’t really my focus. I never posted my animation of my Rooster TV Model but I did animate the emotions project.

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Van Vavrek’s Video Calibration

On April 14, 2017 at 3pm, I visited Van Vavrek’s Video Calibration Exhibition at the Bret Llewellyn Gallery here at the Student Engineering and Technology Building at Alfred State College. It was quite interesting with the distorted video’s projected in the room. Since I didn’t show up at the gallery’s opening so I am missing some information, but I do have an idea of what Vavrek was communicating.

The gallery had a projector which showed many distorted video clips with music that sounded equally distorted. The clips seemed to short but they did shift, though an untrained eye might not notice it sometimes. Most of the clips, if not all, seemed to have been recorded with and old cassette camera. From what I could tell, the clips mostly featured humans.

From what I could gather, the exhibition was meant to represent how we each perceive reality, and to combine each perspective would allow it to appear distorted. Another way to interpret it would be that everyone has a distorted view on life. Both of these were because of the distorted video and the soundtrack that sounded just as distorted. Either way, the gallery made me feel as though it interprets it reality.

If I were to apply the gallery to my work in DMA, I would possibly use it in an effective story telling animation. I am uncertain how I would apply it to my Interactive Design, except to apply whatever animation I make mentioned earlier, would be added to the website I am to create in that class. The opportunity to use this might not come in my remaining college years, but maybe in my future career, whatever it may be.

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Theme Draft

This is a draft for a theme for my portfolio page.

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Drawing Site

Drawing Site

Here is a drawing Site I created with CSS and HTML. I would have included a function to change colors but I was having issues.

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Functions Exercises


Here are a couple of exercises I did using Functions in Dreamweaver.

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Advanced 3D Animation – Emotions

Source: Advanced 3D Animation – Emotions

Tyler Sudyn provided an excellent animation of his two emotions from going from relaxed to jealous. His emotions are very clear and the animation is very smooth and clear. On his WordPress however, only provides the video, no description is given. It would be nice if he gave us something about the video such as who his character is, or why is he jealous.

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American Bar and Grill Website Final

American Bar and Grill

Here is my final version to my American Bar and Grill Website designed for both web and mobile devices.

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