We Wear the Mask

A Visual Art Piece based on the poem “We Wear the Mask,” by Paul Laurence Dunbar. The music I composed for this piece has some of it’s notes match with the lines of the poem.

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Tokyo Animation

I have decided to do an animation on the 23 Special Ward in Tokyo, Japan. The Special Ward has an area of 627 square kilometers with a growing population of 9.24 million people with 14,746 per square kilometer. It is the economic, cultural, and political hub of Japan. Government offices, corporations, and commercial facilities are located in the heart of Tokyo. A large network of train systems going through it. The bay area is the transportation and logistics hub and includes an airport.

In Japan, current day animators draw there frames on sheets of paper, which are then scanned into a computer to get filled in and colored. Luckily for my, I have the required tools to do hand drawn animation.


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River Otter’s – Baby Otters Picture

This is a picture I drew for my group’s River Otter Kiosk Game. Our game will focus on the otter’s life cycle. Baby North American River Otters are actually born with a full coat of fur and don’t open their eyes until they are four weeks old.

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Video Art Concept

I will make a video art piece based on Paul Laurence Dunbar’s poem, We Wear the Mask. I was introduced to this Poem in an Introduction to Literature class last year and it always stuck with me. The poem is about the social survival of African American Slaves that he had heard stories about. The idea was that they would all wear a mask to hide their true selves, even though it couldn’t be seen. I think this applies to everyone in today’s life as we all have things we keep to themselves, and we each wear masks that no one else sees. I plan to convey this by showing reflections of people and have the reflections wear masks.

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Walking Montage


Just a short Montage of me walking.

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Juicy Games

Two Games I find do a good job of being juicy is Blitz and Pokémon Go.

Blitz is a mobile game where you try to get 3 or more gems in a row to score points. the gems sparkle when you get three or more in a row, when you collect coins at the end of the game, and special gems have their own dispersal sounds and animations.

Pokémon Go is also a mobile game where you can travel around to real time locations and capture Pokémon. The juiciness comes from the camera zooming in when you encounter a Pokémon, the various animations and sounds a Pokémon makes when you encounter it, when one appears, and when you capture one.

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Kaguya High

This is my special version of the Traditional Japanese Story, “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.” I have mine set in a modern American Private School where a Japanese transfer student arrives and she suddenly becomes the object of affection for the five big men on Campus.

Kaguya is a transfer student from Japan. She is very sassy, smart, and athletic. She enjoys reading, playing basketball, and messing with other people’s heads. She often messes with the heads of the big five as the strive for her attention.

Richard is the private school’s smartest student and bookworm. He comes from a very rich family, but he is very bored with the life style.

Jack is the private school’s star athlete. He is the main quarterback in Football (American), star kicker in Soccer, and best player in Basketball until Kaguya shows him up.

Henry is the most good looking guy on campus, he also has good grades but he’s not as smart as Richard since he focuses more on his looks than his studies.

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